Mar 312019

A lot to cover this month. I have dropped the numbers from the title, going back to just the month name. Looked a bit unwieldily and these bulletins aren’t really intended for archival purposes anyway. Comments to the usual address

Looking forward… April

2019 Online Interprovincials
Round 2, at some point

The first round of the Transatlantic Pro Go Team Championship is scheduled for 20:00 CET on April 7th

The Young One
The AGA’s Power Report has coverage on the career of 9-year-old Nakamura Sumire, who will make her professional debut this month

Further ahead… September

2019 Belfast Go Tournament
There will be a one day tournament in Belfast on Saturday September 14th

Weekly Meetings

Galway – Tuesday 19:30 in Mc Swiggans
Dublin – Wednesday 20:30 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00-22:00 on OGS
Stillorgan – Sunday 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Ireland trounced Cyprus 4-nil in the 7th round.
Although Ireland and Iceland now both have the same match points, and total board points, and first board points, Iceland’s second board has more points than Ireland’s second board, so Iceland remain at the top of the table. For now…
The penultimate round will be against Kazakhstan on the 16th, with the final round versus Portugal taking place in May.

Looking back… March

2019 Irish Go Congress
Results for the Open are available

2019 Online Interprovincials
The first round is nearly complete. Leinster claimed a 2-1 victory over Munster, while there was one game to play between Connaught and Ulster when last updated.

2019 AGM
This took place during the Irish Go Congress. No minutes posted yet but Eoghan has stepped into the position of president.

2018 Irish Championship
James is the new Irish Champion. Games can be viewed online (1 2) and Cian has posted sgf files commented by Antti Törmänen 1p to the Irish Go mailing list

2019 Irish Correspondence Tournament
Play continues

On the continent…

2019 Euro Pro Championship
Held last month in Jena, Germany. The EGF has a report.

Grand Slam Qualification
EGF article covering the 2019 tournament. The Grand Slam itself will take place at the end of April.

Catalin Taranu has proposed creating an European Youth Elite team


The Future of Go in the West
A lengthy but worthwhile read, focusing on online content

How to “Teach” Go
Taking a different approach to introducing new players.

The Road to Recovery
Janice Kim, a well-known professional, successfully underwent surgery to have a brain tumour removed

Go Compare
A comparison of ranks across servers & associations from OGS survey data
rank comparison from OGS survery

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