I’m interested in dropping in to a meeting. Do I need to be a member to play?

No, anyone is welcome to drop by for a game, either in UCC or at other meetups.

I’ve never played before; do I need to study the rules before turning up?

The best way to learn is from another person. Most of our players are more than willing to show a beginner the ropes; no prior knowledge necessary.

Can you tell me about fees?

There are no annual or nightly fees for playing.

I don’t have a board, or can’t bring mine. Is this a problem?

The UCC Club has its own equipment. At other meets, the local players bring their own sets. If in doubt, let us know you will be attending so that someone can bring along an extra set.

Are the players very competitive/elitist?

Most of them them are quite laid back. Of course, there are always a few serious high-level players, but we generally play for the social aspect and because we enjoy the game.

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