Dec 042017

Cork Winter Olympics Edition

Cork Go Tournament 2017

The 2017 Cork Go Tournament was held over the last weekend of November. As suggested by the locals sporting the latest in arctic fashion, it was cold…

Cold weather gearSkiing anyone?

Thirteen players took part in all. Kim and Justyna, of murugandi fame, won 1st and 3rd places respectively. 2nd place was taken by Przemyslaw Dyszczyk.

Results are available on the EGD –

An album of pictures from the weekend is up on facebook –

Thanks to Tom and K for running another successful tournament. Hope ye are looking forward to doing it all again next year…
Unable to restrain excitement

Looking forward… December

Ireland will face Slovenia on December 12th –

2018 Correspondance Tournament Entry
December 15th is the last day for signups –

The EGF have posted a survey asking for feedback on their new site –

Much further ahead… 2018

Next year’s Confucius Cup will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of March –

If anyone is willing to host a visiting player for the duration of the tournament, kindly get in touch with the IGA –!topic/irish-go/T4rvBPhpslc

Weekly Meetings
Cork* – Meetings have moved to Monday nights at 19:00, but are still in Mr Bradley’s on Barrack Street –
Galway – Tuesday 19:00. Those interested should email info [at] alexander [dot] ie or call Richard on 091 555800 to confirm
Dublin – Wednesday 20:30 in Toners –
Online – Thursdays 20:00-22:00 on OGS –
Cobh* – Thursday 20:30 in Whitepoint –
Stillorgan – Sunday afternoons 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College –

* Some dates are doubtful this month. Best to check with one of the locals if you are thinking of attending.

Looking back… November

Ireland conceded all 4 games in round 3 to Greece –

What is thought to be the shortest official game to be counted, ending after just 92 moves, occurred at the Russian 2017 Championship between Ilja Shikshin and Vjacheslav Kajmin –

ten years on…

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Sep 042016

Cork Go launched just over ten years ago, making it one of the longest running projects I’ve been involved with. As with my own go playing, there have been occasional breaks along the way. While it has never reached any great level of activity, dashboard stats show 115 posts to date – about one a month.

The biggest recent step was definitely the start of a monthly bulletin back in February, which met with positive feedback. So far, this little experiment has been well worth the time. The monthly format strikes a reasonable balance between timely content and production effort.

If anyone has ideas for the future of the site, or would be interested in getting involved in some way, feel free to post a comment below, or get in touch with me directly (check the Contact page).

DeepMind announces recipients of million dollar prize fund

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Jun 082016

The fund will be split between UNICEF UK, Raspberry Pi/Code Club, the American Go Association, the European Go Federation and the Korean Baduk (Go) Association.


*update* The AGA later posted a breakdown

The biggest recipient, UNICEF UK, will receive $450,000 to support global education work including girls’ education and gender equality, while $100,000 will be granted to Code Club UK for the creation of more clubs around the world for children to learn to program. The go community grant is $150,000 each to European Go Federation, the Korea Baduk Association and the American go entities. The AGF will receive $60,000 and the AGA $90,000, DeepMind said.

AlphaGo goes Pro?

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Jan 272016

processing power

Google Deepmind‘s AlphaGo has beaten Fan Hui 5-0. It seems they’re not done yet though, as they have issued a challenge to Lee Sedol for a match in March.

The BGA have posted a writeup with links to news posts and videos on Nature.
The AGA has an article which includes the game records.
Discover have a blog entry on why we should be playing poker instead.
And of course, Google themselves have provided some context.

*** update ***

The IGA has posted a video of RTE’s coverage, including guest appearances by two of the local Dublin players. Sure, ye’re famous now lads!

*** update ***

Cian recommended a synopsis of Myungwan Kim 9p’s analysis of the games on reddit

Earliest Surviving Go Manual

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Oct 192008

Attention was drawn to a fascinating artifact by a recent article in the AGEJ.

BRITS STUDY ANCIENT GO DOCUMENT: A 1200-year-old manuscript containing go proverbs and other instructions is being studied and conserved at the British Museum, with the help of The Zen Machine, a British group headed by Peter Wendes. The manuscript, thought to be the oldest surviving go manual, was discovered in 1900 among 40,000 similar scrolls in a cave near Dunhuang, a city of about 150,000 people in northwestern China. Located near the junction of the northern and southern Silk Roads, Dunhuang was an important military stronghold and center of exchange between East and West more than 2000 years ago. Buddhist monks constructed nearly 500 temples, the nearby Mogao Caves, and began collecting manuscripts from travelers. In 1900, a self-appointed guardian of these temples discovered a huge collection of artifacts in a walled-off section of one of these caves, and sold them to Hungarian archaeologist Aurel Stein for just 220 pounds and many of those manuscripts — including this one — wound up at the British Museum. According to Wendes, the manuscript, which measures about 6″ wide and 96″ long, has never been translated. If you can help, contact him at the Zen Machine.
by Roy Laird in American Go E-Journal Volume 9, #53: October 13, 2008