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May 302022

Looking forward… June

IGA League
Keep tabs on the first season of this new league here

2022 Correspondence Championship
Currently underway in the Ireland group on OGS

Further Ahead… July

Hungarian Go Camp 2022
People interested in attending the 11th Hungarian Go Camp in Százhalombatta from July 10th-17th should check out the provided pdf or register online

Lithuanian Go Association
Lithuanian Go Association Summer Camp
The LGA’s 2022 summer camp takes place July 7th-10th

The far future… September

Confucius Cup 2022
Kindly note that this has been rescheduled for the weekend of 23rd-25th September

Weekly Meetings

Dublin – Wednesday 19:30 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00 on Discord, with games played primarily in the OGS Ireland Group
Galway – visit their club on OGS
Lisburn – Saturday 10:00 at 60-62 Longstone Street as part of Lisburn Chess club. Also Monday 18:30 – check FB or message to confirm!

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
12th PGETC
Ireland finished fifth in League C after defeating Slovenia in the final round.
Tangentially, despite winning 4-0 in the last round, the UK have been relegated and will be joining League C next season.

Looking back… May

Do you know a group or community that might be interested in learning Go? The IGA is here to help!

On the continent…

Transatlantic Professional Go League
2nd Transatlantic Professional Go League
Current standings can be seen at the foot of this page

EGC 2022
European Go Congress 2022
The organisers have confirmed their intent to organise EGC 2022 in Vatra Dornei


Digital Go Education and Go Globalization
The Korean Baduk Association and the University of Seoul have agreed to cooperate with the aim of creating a metaverse and an AI-based platform for Go education – AGeJ

A Contemporary Art Experiment, From Go Seigen to AlphaGo
Selected as the winning exhibition for the 2021 OCAT Research-Based Curatorial Project – AGeJ

Wave Games cover
Music in the stones
Wave Collector releases new go-inspired album – AGeJ

What does your brain do while you play go?

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Dec 232016

The EGF has posted an interesting summary of research carried out by a team from China and Minnesota.

go brain

[activated] areas included the parts of the brain associated with concentration and attention, spatial perception, image manipulation, problem solving and memory processes (working memory storage and episodic memory retrieval)

source: EGF – Go & Brain

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more is more

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Oct 042011

Hard to believe this site went live a little over five years ago. While there’s never been anything cutting edge about the place, time and technology have moved on. With monitors getting ever bigger, corkgo’s been getting relatively narrower and less space efficient. The old Ocadia theme wasn’t designed to handle a lot of the newer wordpress features, so attempts to activate stuff was hit and miss. To address these issues, I’ve (finally) switched over to Suffusion, which should scale well with whatever size your browser window is set to. There are a lot of other bells and whistles that I’ll now be able to play around with, so if something appears broken overnight, it’s probably just a test. If it’s still broken the next day, let me know.

Aug 282006

I am trying to organize a night for the club to meet on KGS. If you are interested please let me know what time and day you would like.

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