more is more

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Oct 042011

Hard to believe this site went live a little over five years ago. While there’s never been anything cutting edge about the place, time and technology have moved on. With monitors getting ever bigger, corkgo’s been getting relatively narrower and less space efficient. The old Ocadia theme wasn’t designed to handle a lot of the newer wordpress features, so attempts to activate stuff was hit and miss. To address these issues, I’ve (finally) switched over to Suffusion, which should scale well with whatever size your browser window is set to. There are a lot of other bells and whistles that I’ll now be able to play around with, so if something appears broken overnight, it’s probably just a test. If it’s still broken the next day, let me know.

Ratings Updated

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Sep 302006

I’ve updated the rating estimates in the People section. In case anyone was wondering, the club ratings have for some time been based on the KGS system, which has recently been overhauled. Where a player had a solid KGS rating, that was used. Where a player did not, his current handicaps against other players with solid ratings were used to estimate one for club use. This (in theory) has the advantage of giving some idea of relative strength compared to players outside the club, while not forcing members to play online. (In any case, most people know their strength relative to the others they play near their own level, so they don’t even need to worry about any of this.) Of course, it’s not totally accurate, but it generally works out within a stone or two. If anyone has a better idea, let me know.

online sgf viewing

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Sep 282006

You can now run thorugh some of Lucas’ recent games under the sgf section on the sidebar to the right. Consider this to be in beta atm. A clearer selection and a download archive are on the to do list.

Official Launch

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Aug 292006

The site is now fit for public consumption and will shortly be sending out emails to anyone I think might be interested. And if you’re reading this, you probably are. So go register and comment, criticize, complain… whatever you feel comfortable with.

Kudos to Brend for his continued work on this project. And while the two of us kickstarted the thing, anyone is welcome to submit ideas for (or even actual) content, be they articles, photos, game records, graphics or whatever.

See you all at the goban, be it real or virtual.


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Aug 272006

Now that the site is online, I’d like to make a request for ideas on content, links, layout, etc. Anything obvious I’ve forgotten? Anything cool that should be added? Anything that seems to be broken for your browser? If there is, post a comment or drop me an email. (You will need to register an account to post a comment, but it’s not hard.)