Summer Update

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Jun 242007

Although there hasn’t been any post here for a while now, it’s not that there hasn’t been any activity locally. There have been occasional meetings in Cobh and play continues fairly regularly in Cork. I’ve just not been following play there as closely as someone who’s supposed to be letting others know what’s happening should. (Personal rambling kept to my own blog.) Things always lose cohesion slightly during the summer, with people being preoccupied by exams, vacations, etc. The Yahoo group continues to be the best method to get in touch with other members anyway; this site is more useful for allowing new players in Cork to find us. I will try to make time to catch up on the various forums and such that are linked this week. Expect another update when you see it…

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Cobh session Tuesday

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Mar 182007

For any players in the Cobh area, there will be a meeting this tuesday. Time and venue to be confirmed, but likely around 20:00 either in Cobh or out past Ballymore. The plan is to try out this time for 2-3 weeks and if people turn up, continue on a permanent basis.

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Mar 132007

Cork Times
Friday @ 20:00 – Arcadia Hall (just across from the train station)
Sunday nights will hopefully resume in the near future.

Cobh Times
Regular play in Cobh has been suspended for the moment. If someone’s interested in organizing these, kindly make it known.

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