Nov 012020

Looking forward… November

Take Two
The 2nd 2020 Corona Cup will kick off tomorrow. (Registration is open until midnight tonight, November 1st.)

Franco-Irish Tournament
The first match against Grenoble is being organised to take place probably on Monday the 9th of November. As of last week, Philippe was still looking for additional signups, especially double-digit kyus. Interested players should respond on Discord.

If you have not already joined the IGA Discord server, you can do so using this link –

Weekly Meetings

The IGA encourages people to play online while all local meetups are suspended.
Online – Wednesday 20:00 on Discord, with games played on OGS/IGS/KGS
Galway – visit their club on OGS

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
11th PGETC
As mentioned on facebook, Ireland secured a 3-1 victory against Greece in the first round. With a 5-week gap, round 2 is scheduled for December 1st. Ireland will face Lithuania who, along with South Africa, won all their games in the first round.

Looking back… October

After last month’s Zoom meeting, a new channel was set up on Discord to discuss potential changes and improvements #iga_admin_public

On the continent…

Recent News
Artem has posted a roundup of recent(ish) happenings on the EGF site.

European Championship
This was cancelled but subsequently moved online for 2020.

EGF Academy
Founded to train promising European youths, the academy is looking for additional supporters


Jena International Go School starting English Go News
JIGS announced they will be streaming news in English every Monday evening on Twitch

Chess Cheats
Proportion of computer assisted cheating increases across several competitive games played online during pandemic


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Jun 012019

Looking forward… June

Online Interprovincials
More games to come. 3 of the 6 for round 2 have been played. Scores so far…
Munster v Ulster: 0-2
Leinster v Connaught: 0-1

World Amateur Go Championship
Noel will be representing Ireland at the 40th WAGC

2019 KPMC Registration Deadline
With June 14th being the cutoff for entry, a representative is still sought for the 14th Korea Prime Minister Cup International Baduk Championship

Further ahead… September

Belfast Go Tournament
There will be a one day tournament in Belfast on Saturday September 14th

Weekly Meetings

Galway – Tuesday 19:30 in Mc Swiggans
Dublin – Wednesday 19:00 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00-22:00
Stillorgan – Sunday 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College

Cork meetings should resume on Tuesdays in mid-July. Details tbc but provisionally 20:30-22:30 in St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral Hall on Dean Street.

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
Ireland wrapped up the final round winning 3 games against Portugal. Finishing top of the table secures promotion to League C for the 10th iteration later this year.

Transatlantic Pro Go Team Championship
There was huge controversy surrounding Mateusz Surma’s loss in the 4th game. This spawned much discussion online and has apparently led to a change of server and some rewriting of the rules. (For those looking to dig into it, I suggest starting with these threads in the Pro forum over on L19.)
Games 5 and 6 are currently scheduled for the 2nd and 9th of this month.

Looking back… May

Galway Tournament
The club has posted a brief comment with photos on their facebook.

Irish Correspondence Tournament
Play continues

On the continent…

The EGF are working to improve their twitch channel, including plans to open it up to European streamers

The 7th Euro Pro
Tanguy Le Calvé has become the 7th European Pro after facing down Lukáš Podpera in the final of the 5th Pro Qualification.
Coverage of round 1, 2&3, and the quarters/semis.

The EGF have posted a writeup on the 5th European Go Grand Slam Tournament (aka the Yike Cup)

Mind Games
Martin Stiassny, the EGF president, interviewed the team of European players who attendant the 2019 IMSA World Masters Championship


YGN archive
The BGA’s irregular Youth Go newsletter is freely available to non members.


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Aug 012018

The annual “should I delay posting long enough for the EGF to release the AGM minutes?” edition

At time of release, the 2018 European Go Congress is ongoing. The 62nd incarnation is so big it has two Twitch steams.

Looking forward… August

[insert breaking Go news here]

Weekly Meetings

Galway – Tuesday 19:00. Those interested should email info [at] alexander [dot] ie or call Richard on 091 555800 to confirm
Dublin – Wednesday 20:30 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00-22:00 on OGS
Stillorgan – Sunday 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College

Looking back… July

This took place last night. No sign of minutes yet, but the agenda remains available.

2018 Correspondance Tournament
The majority of games appear to be wrapping up


Twitch Plays Go
The AGA report about an all-day Go livestream. It was a few months ago, but the article has archive links.

ELF OpenGo
Facebook’s open-source bot has beaten Pros

Final Move
AlphaGo’s real endgame