May 032021

Looking forward… May

Live Twitch Event
To celebrate StarWars Day (not really) Stephen and Matei will be reviewing a live OGS game between James and Philippe on Twitch at 20:00 this tuesday, May 4th.

2021 Correspondence Championship
Both Division A and Division B are in progress

Further ahead… June

WAGC 2021
Gavin will head to Vladivostok, Russia to represent Irish at the 41st World Amateur Go Championship 2021, June 4th-9th.

Weekly Meetings

The IGA encourages people to play online while all local meetups are suspended.
Online – Wednesday 20:00 on Discord, with games played primarily in the OGS Ireland Group
Galway – visit their club on OGS

If you have not already joined the IGA Discord server, you can do so using this link –

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
11th PGETC
Ireland drew 2-2 against Norway in round 6 and will face Spain in the final round on the 11th.

Looking back… April

IGA Twitch Channel
Philippe has created a “mid-Kyu level” channel where he plans to review games played on Wednesday evening in the OGS Irish room
He followed up with creation of a YouTube channel – part of the first Twitch stream has been made available for posterity.

Go On Air
Tibi appeared on Liveline at short notice (start at 1:02:07)

Minutes from this year’s AGM are now available

On the continent…

EGC 2020-2021
Both the European Go Congress and European Youth Championship have been cancelled for this year.

New EGF Rating Algorithm Implemented
Discussions on L19 and the OGS forums


Statistical Supremacy
Following on from last month’s news that Sumire set a new record for promotion to 2-dan in Japan, yesterday’s Power Report details the success that she and several other Japanese female pros are having so far this year.

Interactive AI analysis meme
Interactive AI analysis now available on OGS
Forgot to mention this one last month

Bugcat’s thread guide
An attempt to collect a non-exhaustive list of threads on OGS that might hold long-term interest

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