May 312021

The ‘not quite a bank holiday weekend’ edition

Brought to you by the foibles of the Gregorian calendar

Looking forward… June

Irish Summer Go Cup
Signups are now open for this 5-round online tournament taking place Wednesday nights in July

2021 Correspondence Championship
Division A is still in progress

WAGC 2021
Gavin will head to Vladivostok, Russia to represent Ireland at the 41st World Amateur Go Championship 2021, June 4th-9th.

Further ahead… August

Korean Prime Minister Cup
If you are interested in representing Ireland at this year’s KPMC, please email

Weekly Meetings

The IGA encourages people to play online while all local meetups are suspended.
Online – Wednesday 20:00 on Discord, with games played primarily in the OGS Ireland Group
Galway – visit their club on OGS

If you have not already joined the IGA Discord server, you can do so using this link –

IGA on Twitch
A “mid-kyu level” channel

IGA YouTube channel
Twitch streams made available for posterity

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
11th PGETC
Ireland won 3 of their 4 games against Spain in the final round, finishing in 4th position overall.

Looking back… May

2021 Correspondence Championship
Carol won Division B with a perfect 6-0 result

On the continent…

Euro Pro League goes Transatlantic
In cooperation with the new NAGF, the EGF announced the 1st Transatlantic Professional Go League. It will include EGF pros, AGA pros, and two strong European amateurs. See the league page for more details.

Go Magic
One Dream… One Goal
A new project aiming to provide “everything you might possibly need on your way to Go mastery”. See the EGF article for more details.

Awesome Baduk
Baduk is Awesome
World class lessons provided as 10-15 minute video lectures by topic and level


Go Variants
Detective Go – asymmetrical variant with a team of detectives trying to find a fugitive that plays hidden moves
Fractional Multicolour Go – multiplayer variant where individual stones can have multiple colours simultaneously
Fractional Multicolour Go

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