Current & Inactive Players

Name Cobh OGS KGS
Albert 8k
Brendan 15k* sitruc
Ciarda 20k
John 9k* signius 9k signius 10k
Rob 15k yunners

* EGF rank

*** The rest of this section is long out of date, and kept only for reference until it gets an overhaul ***

Name Cork KGS
Stan 16k
Wenzhi lang2

Past Visitors

Name Date Club KGS
Cao Cork sheehan 4d
Terence circinus
Lucas 2006-2008 Akai Ryuu czarny
Guillaume 2006 mine
Fred 2006 Club de Dijon exaiphnes
Rob 2006 robertm
Miguel 2005
Klaus 2004 Erdinger Go-Spielrunde

External Links

EGF ratings list for active players in Ireland (or search for inactive players)
IGA list of Irish ratings

A comparison of different rating systems
An updated comparison of rating ranges across different systems

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  1. […] I’ve updated the rating estimates for everyone on the People section. In case anyone was wondering, the club ratings have for some time been based on the KGS system, which has recently been overhauled. Where a player had a solid KGS rating, that was used. Where a player did not, his current handicaps against other players with solid ratings were used to estimate one for club use. This (in theory) has the advantage of giving some idea of relative strength compared to players outside the club, while not forcing members to play online. (In any case, most people know their strength relative to the others they play near their own level, so they don’t even need to worry about any of this.) Of course, it’s not totally accurate, but it generally works out within a stone or two. If anyone has a better idea, let me know. […]

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