2023 in Review

For the occasional visitor searching for information about Go/Baduk/Weiqi in Ireland, the best live resource is the Irish Go Association’s discord server – https://discord.com/invite/4vSnhjd
The community there is quite active and someone is sure to know whether there’s anything happening in your region or if your best bet is online play.

So what’s up with CorkGo? No updates in almost a year. Site offline for part of 2023…

Firstly, the Bulletin. This started back in 2016 as an experiment, to provide a monthly recap and announce upcoming events. During 2022, distribution moved over to the main IGA site. It was rebranded as the IGA Bulletin and sent to the whole IGA membership. Once the transition was complete, I stopped cross-posting it here, and eventually stepped back from involvement completely. It remains in monthly production – you can subscribe at Irish-Go.

So, back to this site. Moving into 2023, while I was considering what to do with CorkGo, the WordPress install completely broke during a series of updates. The blog has been around a long time and hasn’t seen much attention paid to maintenance, so it was bound to happen eventually. With the bulletin gone and no local activity to report, it took a while to make time to reinstall everything. Though back online now, there are probably many broken images and links in older posts. Given the low usage, it’s unlikely I’ll go back and fix these. External links to individual posts should work as before.

As for 2024 and beyond, I’m not really active in the local Go scene currently. Another member has restarted fortnightly meetings in the city. Check https://www.facebook.com/corkgoclub for updates.

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