Feb 032017

Minute of the AGM of the Irish GO Association

Place: Ballsbridge hotel
Date: January 28th, 2017
Time: 5pm
Attendees: Arthur, Michael, Phillipe, Claas, Noel, John, Rory, Peter


2016 summary (Rory):

    President: Rory
    Vice: Tibi
    Treasurer: John
    23 members
    Association did fairly well
    Bought in 25 ING clocks / £20 each / £500
    Most budget spent on clocks – should last for a reasonably long period of time
    Negative: very few new players

Rory stepping down after 5 years  suggested Tibi to take over

Confucius cup:

    Well established
    Rory has done an extraordinary work maintaining it on his own
    Organisation for future years has to be divided – suggested solution is one (two) person(s) looking after the logistics coming up to the cup weekend (may be outside Dublin), one person managing the cup weekend itself (preferably a “Dubliner”)
    Rory to establish a connection with prof Wang and whoever takes over
    Suggestion to involve the institute a lot more
    Suggestion to employ a contractor for organising traveling matters for invited players

More discussions to follow after the Confucius cup (4.-5. March)

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