Isle of Man Go Tournament

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Nov 302016

For those who like to plan their Go vacations well in advance…

Dear club organisers,

Full information on the Leo Phillips Isle of Man Go Festival, with the recently confirmed new dates (30 July – 4 August), is at We have also attached a PDF of a leaflet about the event (including entry form) – it would be great if you could spread the word by circulating this to members of your club.

As always, this unique event provides the chance to mix playing Go with sightseeing on the fascinating island. The mix of tournaments means you can spend almost all week playing Go, or less time if you wish.

We have put recent information about accommodation availability as a link from the page

We hope that a lot of Go players will be interested in the Go Festival, which in the past has always been a really enjoyable event. We have got some entries already and many other people have said they are interested in coming.

We would advise people to book early because, although we have moved the dates to make it easier to find accommodation, Port Erin is not a large place and the places to stay will get booked up at some point.

The page gives information about how to enter. Please let us know if you need any more information about the event.

Thanks and best wishes,

Paul & Andrea Smith