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Jul 032018

Summer “Overcompensating for Emma” Edition

I couldn’t find any reports of goban spontaneously bursting into flames (at least, not with pictures) but I’m keeping mine in the fridge until August, just in case…

This issue moves further away from the old-style links in an effort to improve the layout. This has the dubious benefit of letting me liberally scatter more links throughout the bulletin without breaking up what little content there is. It may also make editing easier; ask me in a few issues. Everything looks fine posted on CorkGo, but do let me know if anyone has issues following the links from any particular email client.

European Go Yearbook
A source at the EGF confirmed that plans for further yearbooks have been shelved for now. There is speculation about making the existing one available as an ebook after the next congress. Meanwhile, there are still some physical copies available from https://www.eurogofed.org/yearbook/

Looking forward… July

This will take place on 2018-07-31 in Pisa, Italy.
There is a discussion over on L19 started by Ian (of course) about two ratings proposals.

Weekly Meetings

Galway – Tuesday 19:00. Those interested should email info [at] alexander [dot] ie or call Richard on 091 555800 to confirm
Dublin – Wednesday 20:30 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00-22:00 on OGS
Stillorgan – Sunday 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College

IGA Internet Tournament

Looking back… June

2018 Top 8
There is a brief note regarding Cian’s blitzkrieg over on the IGA site.
Tibi has also posted photos on facebook:

2018 Top 8 Go Tournament

2018 Correspondance Tournament
Keep tabs at https://senseis.xmp.net/?IrishCorrespondence