Official Launch

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Aug 292006

The site is now fit for public consumption and will shortly be sending out emails to anyone I think might be interested. And if you’re reading this, you probably are. So go register and comment, criticize, complain… whatever you feel comfortable with.

Kudos to Brend for his continued work on this project. And while the two of us kickstarted the thing, anyone is welcome to submit ideas for (or even actual) content, be they articles, photos, game records, graphics or whatever.

See you all at the goban, be it real or virtual.

Aug 282006

I am trying to organize a night for the club to meet on KGS. If you are interested please let me know what time and day you would like.

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Aug 272006

Now that the site is online, I’d like to make a request for ideas on content, links, layout, etc. Anything obvious I’ve forgotten? Anything cool that should be added? Anything that seems to be broken for your browser? If there is, post a comment or drop me an email. (You will need to register an account to post a comment, but it’s not hard.)