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Oct 242012

There will be no UCC Go meeting this weekend due to the Jazz Festival. Odd how Corkonian go players (native and adopted) will endure storms, floods, and blizzards to attend a go tournament, but the threat of a city full of people is enough to stop play ^^

Coincidentally, the Galway Go Soc will have an extra meeting this week. Karma and all that.

The IGA has commented on Ireland’s performance in round 2 of the Pandanet European Team Championship.

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UCC Go (Weiqi) Tournament 2012

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Oct 162012

From the UCC Go Club site…

We would like to invite everyone to the 6th edition of our annual tournament! It will take place near main campus of University College Cork in the Mardyke Pavilion (which is situated right behind the main building of the Mardyke gym).

When and where: 17-18th November 2012, Mardyke Pavilion.

Read all the details here.

Oct 112012

Posted tonight on the IGA site…

Given the very low turnout at the AGM, it was judged to be inquorate. There will now be an EGM instead, to which more of us will hopefully attend! As a reminder, the IGA is your organisation, and you should take an interest in how it is run.

Provisionally planned for November 7th, full details of the EGM will appear here soon.

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More UCC Go Tourney Details Revealed

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Oct 112012

An update from the mailing list…

As some of you may know, we organise a Go tournament every year. This year the tournament will take place on 17-18th November in the Mardyke Pavillion (which is a really nice venue by the way) and will consist of 5 rounds (3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday). We’re expecting about 30 players from Ireland and abroad to show up, so it seems like it will be quite a large event (for the Irish Go scene anyway!). We have a budget of €500 euros for the prizes, therefore it’s definitely worth trying your chances! There will be 2 groups – a top group and a kyu level group. In the lower one the games will be played on handicap basis so everyone has a chance for a flawless 5/5!!! Whoever is interested in the tournament please let us know by e-mail.

For those of you that don’t want to participate in a serious tournament, there is a possibility of organising a Beginners tournament on the same date. Such tournament wouldn’t be included in the European Go Database rating, meaning that it’s just all for fun (and you can also win some cool prizes) ;-) So, as long as we have a minimum of 8 people interested in such tournament we will look into organising it. I think it would be a good event since you could see what a serious tournament looks like and at the same time play against other beginners. Sound like fun… Doesn’t it?!

UCC Go Tournament 2012

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Oct 092012

The UCC Go Club has announced the date for its annual tournament…

ATTENTION! The UCC Go (Weiqi) Tournament date for this year has been decided. It will take place on the weekend of 17-18th November 2012. Players of all strengths welcome. More details to follow shortly!!!