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Looking forward… December

2021 Top 8
Entries are now open for the qualifying tournament for next year’s National Championship. Deadline: December 15th

Second Ireland-France Match
A sequel to the recent Grenoble-Ireland match will take place on Monday 7th of December. More details on the IGA Discord.

IGA Membership
Philippe would like to remind people that annual membership fees will be due soon:
If you love Irish go and want to help making it grow, please don’t forget your membership, it is nearly a gift, as the membership is for now 10€ (yes for the whole year!). Next year we will try to have some of these special events for members only so don’t forget to renew or take the membership if you are new to the IGA!

If you have not already joined the IGA Discord server, you can do so using this link –

Weekly Meetings

The IGA encourages people to play online while all local meetups are suspended.
Online – Wednesday 20:00 on Discord, with games played on OGS/IGS/KGS
Galway – visit their club on OGS

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
11th PGETC
After facing Lithuania in Round 2, all 4 games went to Ireland. The third round is scheduled for January 26th. Ireland’s opponent is South Africa, who have won all their games so far, putting them just a single board point ahead at the top of the leaderboard.

Looking back… November

Winter Rengo
James has organised a live online rengo tournament on KGS

IGA Grenoble
Franco-Irish Tournament
Philippe posted an article covering the first round of this project.

Take Two
The 2nd 2020 Corona Cup kicked off last month

On the continent…

IGA Grenoble
European Championship
The EC 2020 Online was won by Ilya Shikshin. The EGF have posted an interview with Ilya and the IGF have posted an interview with Jean-Yves Papazoglou, EGF Vice-President, discussing organisation of the EC.

Fuseki Teaching Videos
Not quite on the continent, but the London Go Centre‘s youtube channel has added Fuseki Insights, a series by Mateusz Surma 2P

World Amateur Women’s Go Championship
Also from the UK, Alison Bexfield has posted a small writeup on playing in this tournament

EGF Academy
Founded to train promising European youths, the academy is looking for additional supporters


OGS live tournaments group
Live Tournaments Group
A new group for weekly/biweekly live tournaments has been created on OGS

Hikaru no Go live action
Hikaru no Go
A new live-action remake is available on iQIYI

For those stuck at home and looking for something else to stream, the full AlphaGo movie is available on Deepmind’s youtube channel

Murugandi Christmas Sale 2020
Murugandi Christmas Sale
Kim’s art prints and postcards are discounted on Etsy

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