Jan 022022

Looking forward… January

2022 National Championship
The initial double-elimination stage will be online, with the Top 8 in Dublin, and the championship best-of-three being players’ choice. The first round of qualifiers are expected to be complete by January 9th.

The far future… September

Confucius Cup 2022
This is scheduled for the weekend of 16th–18th September

Weekly Meetings

Dublin – Tuesday 19:30 in Toners
Online – Wednesday 20:00 on Discord, with games played primarily in the OGS Ireland Group
Galway – visit their club on OGS
Lisburn – Saturday 10:00 at 60-62 Longstone Street as part of Lisburn Chess club

Pandanet Go European Team Championship
12th PGETC
Ireland finished 3-1 against Slovakia in the second round.
After a break for Christmas, the next matches will be against Spain in the third round on January 25th.

Looking back… December

2021 Irish Winter Rengo
Won by Eoghan and Stephen

On the continent…

European Go Journal logo
Notes from the EGJ
Artem has posted a few snippets about the December European Go Journal over on the OGS forum

Online European Championship 2021
Won by Ilya – EGJ article
EGF article and overview

European Grand Slam 2021
Won by Artem. Full results, and SGFs of several games, are available from the tournament page.

EGC 2022
European Go Congress 2022
web site for next year’s EGC


Go Kid
Go Kid
A go player and comic artist

Go stones factory
A tour with lots of pictures posted over on OGS

Kids Go Server
In beta

IGA Resources

Join the IGA Discord server – https://discord.com/invite/4vSnhjd – or follow along on Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram
IGA Discord serverIGA Twitch channelIGA YouTube channelIGA Instagram feed

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