Feb 082016

Five minutes after I had published February, I logged into DGS to make a few moves in the recently-started correspondence tournament. There was a moment of realisation…

I decided to add a brief post with this and some other tidbits that were missed. I know there’s been even more news since, but that will have to wait for the next issue!


The IGA launched an online club as an alternative (or compliment) to face-to-face meetings – http://www.irish-go.org/2016/02/02/irish-go-online/

Tiberiu has started a Meetup group for Belfast – http://www.meetup.com/Belfast-Go-Club/


The 2016 Irish Correspondence Championship began (officially) on New Year’s Day – http://www.irish-go.org/irish-correspondence-championship/

In other news, James Hutchinson beat James Aitken in the first game in a best of three match in the Ulster semi final

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