Nov 252012

Last weekend saw the 6th annual UCC Go Club Tournament. In a pleasant break with tradition, there were no storms, floods, or blizzards to dampen spirits. The weather could nearly have been described as clement, if not for a spot of rain on the second day…

The venue was the Mardyke Pavilion, which was undoubtedly the best venue the tournament has seen to date. The shot below does not do it justice, although it does capture the colour coordinated chairs ^^ In the foyer, there were two go board cakes, a picture of which can be seen on the NUIG Go Soc’s latest post.

UCC Go Club Tournament 2012

A total of 31 players took part this year; the largest ever turnout. A full table of results is available from the EGD.

It’s fair to say that the event was a resounding success. A big thanks to Justyna and the rest of the UCC Go Club committee for a job well done! It remains to be seen how they’re going to top this one next year.


The IGA has a brief post with results.

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