Jan 012014

What better way to wish our membership a happy new year, than to remind them of the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in January. It will be taking place on January the 18th during the Top 8 tournament. Due to the ongoing strategic repositioning of the executive membership, this year all of the top posts are up for grabs. You are therefore very much encouraged to turn up and take part in the meeting to shape the Irish Go Association.

Confirmation on the exact details of the time and place will appear shortly.


Update: Minutes now available

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Dec 142013

Now that the much anticipated UCC tournament is over, results have appeared on the EGD.

With a smaller turnout than in recent years, the tournament had quite a cosy feel to it. Atypically, the weather held up pretty well, with not a hint of the rain, wind, or bloody freezing temperatures that marked previous events. Thanks once again to the crew of the UCC Club for pulling off a smoothly run affair.

The IGA has also posted a few comments on the event.