UCC Go Club Tournament 2009

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Jan 182009

Yesterday and today subjected Cork city to the second annual UCC Go Tournament. After a fashionably late first round on saturday morning, a slight hiccup arose when all UCC campus buildings were evacuated and closed due to ‘extreme weather conditions’. The reasoning behind this was presumably that students are far safer strolling around outside being struck down by flying slates than indoors behind layers of concrete and glass…

A hastily conjured backup plan led the 16 brave souls involved in the tournament on an epic trek (upwards of 10 minutes) to The Thirsty Scholar, where play resumed. A lighting malfunction meant rounds 2 and 3 were played by candlelight. Several players may have had their performance affected by the sudden availability of alcohol…

Day 2 was somewhat more traditional, with nary an earthquake nor plague of locusts in sight. Kudos to Stephan, Rory and the UCC Club for managing to pull off another successful event, despite the occasional Act of God being dropped on them.

Update: Results (and photos) linked here.