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Aug 012018

The annual “should I delay posting long enough for the EGF to release the AGM minutes?” edition

At time of release, the 2018 European Go Congress is ongoing. The 62nd incarnation is so big it has two Twitch steams.

Looking forward… August

[insert breaking Go news here]

Weekly Meetings

Galway – Tuesday 19:00. Those interested should email info [at] alexander [dot] ie or call Richard on 091 555800 to confirm
Dublin – Wednesday 20:30 in Toners
Online – Thursday 20:00-22:00 on OGS
Stillorgan – Sunday 14:00-18:00 at PingZone, St Benildus College

Looking back… July

This took place last night. No sign of minutes yet, but the agenda remains available.

2018 Correspondance Tournament
The majority of games appear to be wrapping up


Twitch Plays Go
The AGA report about an all-day Go livestream. It was a few months ago, but the article has archive links.

ELF OpenGo
Facebook’s open-source bot has beaten Pros

Final Move
AlphaGo’s real endgame

Four questions for everyone

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Aug 012018

While rummaging about online, allegedly writing this month’s bulletin, I came across an interesting set of questions posing as a rules of thumb…

Four questions to decide your strategy

1.Do you have a weak group?
If yes, reinforce it.

2.Does your opponent have a weak group?
If yes, plan to attack it.

3.Can you make a big territorial move?
If yes, do it.

4.Could your opponent make a big territorial move or does s/he have a big territory?
Try to prevent, destroy or reduce it with appropriate measures.

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