UCC Weiqi (Go) Tournament 2011

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Oct 152011

Plans are rapidly taking shape for the 5th annual UCC tourney:
When and where: 19-20th November 2011, Electrical Engineering Building L1
Tournament system: 5 rounds, McMahon, EGF General tournament rules apply
Time limit: 50 min. and 30 seconds byo-yomi
Rules: Japanese
Komi: 6½ points

Full details available here.

more is more

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Oct 042011

Hard to believe this site went live a little over five years ago. While there’s never been anything cutting edge about the place, time and technology have moved on. With monitors getting ever bigger, corkgo’s been getting relatively narrower and less space efficient. The old Ocadia theme wasn’t designed to handle a lot of the newer wordpress features, so attempts to activate stuff was hit and miss. To address these issues, I’ve (finally) switched over to Suffusion, which should scale well with whatever size your browser window is set to. There are a lot of other bells and whistles that I’ll now be able to play around with, so if something appears broken overnight, it’s probably just a test. If it’s still broken the next day, let me know.

Ireland -v- Cyprus

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Oct 042011

Tonight on IGS we will go to war against Cyprus. We have already won on Board 2. So just 1 additional point will secure us a draw. (from the Irish Go Google Group)

Info on tonight’s round here.
More details for the 2011/2012 C League here. You can see the Irish crew here.

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